Resident of Trump rally-hosting Alabama city died after COVID surge left him without local hospital bed: Maddow
Rachel Maddow 030614 [MSNBC]

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow unleashed on Cullman, Alabama for killing one of the city's most beloved citizens.

Ray DeMonia was an auctioneer who spent his whole life in Cullman, but he died 200 miles away in Mississippi because the hospital beds in Alabama were all full.

"Due to COVID 19, CRMC emergency staff contacted 43 hospitals in 3 states in search of a Cardiac ICU bed and finally located one in Meridian, MS.," the last paragraph of DeMonia's obituary reads, citing the Cullman Regional Medical Center.

"In honor of Ray, please get vaccinated if you have not, in an effort to free up resources for non-COVID-related emergencies," the obituary reads. "He would not want any other family to go through what his did."

Maddow explained that one of the arguments from the anti-vaccine crowd is that it's their own personal liberty.

"I mean, for everyone who says that getting a vaccine is a personal choice that doesn't affect anyone else, line that up with Ray DeMonia's obituary and what his family has just said about his death, right?" Maddow said. "I mean, your decision about your vaccine may feel personal to you. I get it. But you live in a society. You live in a country, and your decision about your vaccine is ultimately the decision that fills up hospital beds, that makes all the difference to your society, your community, your country. It makes all the difference as to whether a man like Ray DeMonia gets that ICU bed or not."

Cullman last month hosted a rally for former President Donald Trump even though the state was experiencing a massive wave of COVID-19 cases.

See the video below:

Alabama city that held a Trump event after they killed a beloved citizen by clogging hospital beds