Violent Capitol rioter who attacked both the police and the media on January 6 arrested by the FBI
Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C.. - Samuel Corum, TNS/Palm Beach Post/TNS

After months of rounding up suspects who attacked police guarding the U.S. Capitol on January 6, the FBI has begun filing charges against those who attacked media members covering the riot.

Alan Byerly is possibly the first to fall into both categories.

Byerly, of Fleetwood, PA, was arrested Wednesday for tasing and brawling with numerous officers, only to break away when they tried to apprehend him. Then, the FBI states, he continued his violence against an Associated Press photographer who had been dragged down Capitol steps by other rioters.

Here's some of what Byerly was captured doing on photos and video -- identified by a distinctive "Kutztown" beanie he was wearing -- according to the FBI criminal complaint:

"Byerly was seen among the crowd of rioters near the established police line with what appears to be a taser device designed to deliver a debilitating electric shock grasped in Byerly's right hand. At approximately 2:10:54 p.m., and seemingly unprovoked, Byerly appeared to press and activate the taser, as the electric charge of the taser was clearly audible. Shortly thereafter, Byerly raised his right arm while holding the taser in his right hand and proceeds to charge at the officers.

"Officers yelled 'taser! Taser! Taser!' to warn that Byerly was charging and attacking officers...a cloud of smoke (possibly from a fire extinguisher) was dispersed from the direction of the riot crowd as Byerly continued to assault the officers (who) were finally able to restrain (him). Nevertheless, Byerly continued to resist and assault the officers (and) was able to flee with the assistance of a fellow rioter."

At that point, video shows Byerly observing as fellow rioters drag an AP photographer down Capitol steps. Then he joins in, according to the FBI:

"At the bottom of the stairs, Byerly and three other subjects grabbed the victim and pushed, shoved and dragged him parallel to the stairs. Byerly grabbed the victim with both hands near (his) upper chest and pushed (him) backward. Byerly then continued to push and drag the victim past the site of the original altercation and toward a densely grouped section of the gathered crowd.

"Byerly was observed on the video shoving the victim forcefully in the head/neck area, causing the victim to stumble backward into other members of the crowd. At this point in the altercation against the victim, the lettering on Byerly's beanie was clearly visible as "Kutztown."

Unlike many other suspected rioters, Byerly apparently did not leave a social media trail. However, one of the witnesses who tipped off the FBI said Byerly "mentioned to a friend that he is just waiting to be arrested because he knows his picture has been publicized."

Byerly faces multiple assault charges, as well as obstruction, violent and unlawful entry and disorderly conduct. You can read the FBI criminal complaint here.