Even Alan Dershowitz is stunned by Bruce Castor speech: ‘I have no idea what he’s doing’

Trump defense lawyer Bruce Castor had not even finished his opening remarks in the U.S. Senate before he was harshly criticized by Alan Dershowitz, who defended Donald Trump in his last impeachment trial.

Dershowitz was interviewed on Newsmax during Castor's presentation.

"What are you making of Bruce Castor's arguments so far?" the host asked. "Where is he going with this?"

"There is no argument," Dershowitz replied. "I have no idea what he's doing."

"I have no idea why he's saying what he's saying," he continued.

"Come on, the American people are entitled to an argument, a constitutional argument," Dershowitz said. "I just don't understand it."

"Boy, it's not the kind of argument I would've made, I have to tell you that," he added.