Texas high schoolers had a mock 'slave auction' where they put prices on Black classmates

Several high schoolers in Aledo, Texas are facing punishments after their school discovered they held a virtual "slave auction" where they put prices on Black classmates.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a group of white ninth graders used Snapchat to set up mock "auctions" for Black classmates where they would bid anywhere from $1 to $100.

While the school has not detailed how the students who set up the auction are being disciplined, Superintendent Dr. Susan Bohn said that she wanted to make clear that racism has no place in her school district.

"There is no room for racism or hatred in the Aledo ISD, period," Bohn said. "Using inappropriate, offensive and racially charged language and conduct is completely unacceptable and is prohibited by district policy."

Tony Crawford, an activist and leader with Parker County Progressives, tells the Star-Telegram that there have been "a long line" of racist incidents at the school.

"Can you imagine what it's like for somebody to put a price on your head?" he said. "I cannot imagine the embarrassment and hurt that people you might be friends with are having that conversation."