Alabama man who breached the Capitol said he was directed by Alex Jones to be there: report
William Watson (Auburn Police Department)

William Watson, 23, who has been charged federally with violent entry and civil disorder after being part of the mob that breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, told federal agents that he departed for D.C. from Alabama on Jan. 5 to "support the patriots, support Trump, support freedom," reports.

"I guess the overriding thing for why we were there that day is because they were certifying the fraudulent election that day, and so we went to protest that," Watson said, adding that he was directed by InfoWars host Alex Jones to meet at the Capitol at 1 p.m.

Watson went on to tell authorities that the crowd quickly turned belligerent towards Capitol police, accusing them of protecting traitors. When the mob was shot with tear gas, someone yelled the order to "charge."

"It's like 100 people there getting stopped, and they're all, and I assumed at the top was 'cause of riot shields holding people back, but we just started all pushing and pushing and pushing and eventually got through that one area and then they kind of made another little line and then we pushed on that line and then they gave up and after that one, they gave up, completely, and moved the rest of the barricades climbing up the steps toward the building and then ushered us, like made hand motions for us to go in," he said, according to

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