TX Supreme Court rejects Alex Jones' request to throw out defamation lawsuit filed by Sandy Hook parents
(Screenshot via YouTube.com)

This Friday, the Texas Supreme Court rejected InfoWars host Alex Jones' request to throw out four defamation suits against him from parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School back in 2012, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

The lawsuits were filed in Travis County, where Jones' media empire is based, and argued that Jones' comments suggesting that the shooting was staged caused the parents emotional distress. Friday's ruling upheld rulings by two lower courts that allowed the lawsuits to continue.

"Our clients have been tormented for five years by Mr. Jones' ghoulish accusations that they are actors who faked their children's deaths as part of a fraud on the American people. Enough is enough," said Mark Bankston, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said in 2018 after filing lawsuits against the pro-Trump conspiracy theorist.

The Texas Supreme Court also ruled that a lawsuit against InfoWars reporter Kit Daniels by a man he mistakenly identified as the Parkland school shooter can move forward.