Alex Jones mocks his own fans -- and boasts that he can get them to 'buy anything': Filmmaker
Info Wars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

A filmmaker who had previously worked with Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist Alex Jones tells the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog that Jones openly mocks his own audience for being gullible rubes.

Filmmaker Caolan Robertson, who was hired by Jones to make a propaganda film called "You Can't Watch This," claims that Jones is motivated by a desire to financially exploit Trump supporters and further build his media empire.

In fact, Robertson says Jones once told him off camera that he could get his fans to "buy anything" including "dick pills."

"Alex Jones doesn't care about most of the stuff he professes to," Robertson told Hatewatch. "It just shows he doesn't care about anything he talks about. He doesn't like Trump but then goes on camera talking about how Trump is the savior."

Robertson, who has worked with a number of far-right media personalities, now says he has disavowed their movement and will try to "undo the damage he did" by producing their propaganda, Hatewatch writes.