'We are the Republican Party': Alex Jones says he was 'buoyed' by GOP during Sandy Hook trial
Infowars/screen grab

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones expressed gratitude to the Republican Party for "buoying" him during his recent Sandy Hook defamation trial.

"I've seen rigged courts," Jones said on his Monday broadcast. "I've seen them order me to give them money that I don't have."

The embattled host claimed that the trial had been "actually invigorating and buoying" because "thousands" of "prominent people" like Steve Bannon spoke out in his defense.

"And I have really seen the Republican Party go from us with an insurrection -- not the one on Jan. 6 but the peaceful insurrection to take over the Republican Party five, six years ago to now we are the Republican Party and our populist movement is winning!" Jones declared.