Judge hears same-day evidence Alex Jones defamed Sandy Hook victims just hours earlier
YouTube/screen grab

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble heard evidence on Tuesday that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had defamed victims of the Sandy Hook massacre earlier that day.

During a Tuesday hearing, attorneys for the Sandy Hook plaintiffs presented a video Jones had broadcast that morning.

In the video, Jones accused Sandy Hook father Neil Heslin of being "slow" and "on the spectrum."

"He is being manipulated by some very bad people," the host told his audience. "I've got to be honest. He's slow. OK?"

"I think Heslin acts like somebody on the spectrum," he added.

Attorneys for Jones objected to the video on the grounds that defense counsel had not received proper notice. Gamble, however, ruled that the video could be admitted because the additional notice was not possible for evidence that was only broadcast hours earlier.

It was not immediately clear when the video would be played for the jury which will decide how much Jones pays in damages for prior defamatory lies.