'Too sick' to be deposed Alex Jones wasn't 'too sick' to record his InfoWars show

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is scheduled to be deposed in the coming days and explain his false claims about the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre, says he has some sort of illness that will prevent him from testifying.

According to The Daily Beast, Jones’ lawyers filed a motion seeking to delay the deposition, stating that Jones is “under the care of a physician for medical conditions that require immediate, and possibly, emergency testing.” A lawyer for Jones said in the motion that Jones didn't give him permission to reveal the nature of the medical condition.

Lawyers for the victims’ families suing Jones aren't buying his claim that he’s now too sick to sit for the deposition. They pointed out in their court filing response that Jones managed to host his InfoWars show for four hours while he was supposedly receiving emergency care from a doctor. Jones’ mystery illness, they wrote, is an “obvious gambit” meant to prevent Jones from answering questions under oath.

A lawyer for Jones provided the court with a doctor’s note claiming Jones was recovering from his malady at home. But on Tuesday, the judge in charge of the case expressed skepticism and raised the possibility that Jones’ lawyer “unknowingly misled” the court. The judge demanded to know whether Jones recorded the Monday InfoWars broadcast from his studio or his home.

On this week’s episode of The Daily Beast’s Fever Dreams podcast, hosts Asawin Suebsaeng and Will Sommer discussed the InfoWars boss’s sudden new illness.

“This is the kind of surprise tactic that he might use to avoid the deposition,” Sommer said.“If you’re going to fake an illness, you can’t go on your show afterwards, you’ve got to at least disappear or something like that,” Sommer said on the podcast.

“Just post to your Instagram: you holding a mug of coffee or something in bed, in your big ol’ Alex Jones robe,” Suebsaeng said. “Just put a little bit of effort into it.”