'They won't let me take it back': Alex Jones lashes out at the media in Sandy Hook trial and then gets chided by judge

InfoWars founder Alex Jones lashed out at the media on Wednesday and said that he eventually recanted his false claims about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre being a "false flag" operation.

During the trial, Jones defended having fellow conspiracy theorist Steve Pieczenik on his program to spout falsehoods about Sandy Hook.

"He gave us a lot of info over the years that turned out to be dead on," he said about Pieczenik, who has also claimed that the United States government was really behind the 9/11 terrorist attack.

However, Jones conceded that he later came to believe that Pieczenik's Sandy Hook claims were wrong.

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Jones later said that it was unfair to peg him as a Sandy Hook truther, as he didn't spend an excessive amount of time questioning the shooting and he eventually concluded that it was a real event.

"It's 100% real, as I said yesterday," he said. "And the media still ran with lies that I was saying it wasn't real on air yesterday. It's incredible. They won't let me take it back. They just want to keep me in the position of being the Sandy Hook man. My son got confronted yesterday —"

The judge then sustained an objection. "And I just remind you, just answer the question that the attorney asks you," she told Jones.

Jones has been in court this week to attempt to limit the amount of damages he will have to pay to the families of Sandy Hook victims who say that they still get harassed to this day by people who have been taken in by Jones's false claims about their dead children.

Watch video below.