Trump lawyer calls for protests while wearing firearm jewelry: 'That's another right, just like guns'
The Benny Show/screen grab

Alina Habba, an attorney for Donald Trump, called for protests on behalf of her client while she praised gun rights.

The day before Trump's planned arraignment, Habba sported a necklace with a pistol during an appearance on The Benny Show.

"Is that a firearm necklace?" host Benny Johnson asked.

"Oh, I'm a gun lover," Habba acknowledged. "Are you surprised? I do own guns. I do shoot. Look, God and guns."

"I'm full MAGA today," she continued. "I don't care anymore. I literally don't care anymore. Don't care. They're pushing too far."

Later in the interview, Habba mentioned guns again while calling for protests against Trump's indictment.

"You know, people keep asking me the same question," she said. "CNN and whatever I go on, they think they're going to get me in a corner with, you know, your client said protest. Absolutely. That's another right."

"That's another right in this country," she added. "Just like guns."

Watch the video below from The Benny Show.