There are things Allen Weisselberg doesn't know about his own sons and his ex-daughter-in-law has the documents

Jennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law to Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, assumed that he would flip on Donald Trump as he faced the investigations into the company. But on Tuesday, she told MSNBC host Ari Melber that after further thought, she thought better because there are things that he isn't even aware of.

Explaining that she thinks anything can change, she noted that his resistance to flip makes perfect sense given the world that he lives in.

"I was wrong to think that he would flip, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense to me, Ari," she began. "Because he lives in a bubble where Donald promises him everything and everything he's ever promised him has been true. And I do believe that he -- I do believe they're paid by Trump and that they are promised things by Donald and the family in order to make sure that he and his family are taken care of. But the x-factor for me, and this is something the D.A. and I are continuing to discuss, with my attorney, is that there are things that Allen is not aware of."

She explained that Weisselberg thinks that he knows everything going on inside the Trump Organization every day, but there are some things he's not aware of involving his son. She wouldn't reveal what specifically, but she said, "he is blind to the fact that he believes everything that Donald promised him and everything his sons are telling him."

She told Melber that she has "proof to back up the fact that's just not true."

It's a sentiment that Michael Cohen reiterated when he spoke out on Twitter Tuesday, saying that the prosecutors already have all of the documents that they need.

"I've been able to lead the investigators to the right people, and those people I've learned have been walking the grand jury through the evidence," Ms. Weisselberg continued. "So my documents have become paramount to the investigation."

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