Trump fumed 'I can't believe it' as he watched Weisselberg being arraigned in handcuffs: ABC News reporter
Allen Weisselberg Perp Walk. (Screengrab.)

Former President Donald Trump was distraught as he watched Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg walk into Manhattan court in handcuffs, according to ABC News reporter John Santucci, who said the former president called the 15-count indictment a "disgrace."

"I just spoke to former president Trump, who is reacting to this in real-time," Santucci said. "He repeatedly said it was a shame."

Santucci asked Trump about the "perp walk" videos of Weisselberg in handcuffs.

"The [former] president was unaware of that," he explained. "He actually paused for a moment, while we were on the phone, Terry, looked up at cable news coverage and said to me, 'John, I can't believe it, it's a disgrace. He's a tremendous person.'"