'My jaw dropped': Lawyer who investigated Trump University stunned by this detail in Weisselberg indictment

The New Yorker this week highlighted a little-noticed detail in the indictment of longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg that some legal experts say is a sign of potential trouble for former President Donald Trump.

According to prosecutors, Weisselberg is being accused of making changes to a document that's described as "Donald J. Trump's Detail General Ledger" to cover up details of how much compensation he was awarded as Trump Organization CFO that were not properly reported to the IRS.

The fact that Weisselberg seemingly kept a separate ledger that was for Trump's eyes only, writes the New Yorker, might make it much harder for him to deny that he was aware of Weisselberg's allegedly fraudulent activities.

"My jaw literally dropped when I saw that," Tristan Snell, a former New York assistant attorney general who investigated fraud committed by Trump University, tells the New Yorker. "If there was a ledger for him, it blows up the notion that Trump didn't know about it -- it means there was a set of numbers prepared for Donald Trump."

Snell also says that prosecutors are trying to send Trump a message by including that detail in the indictment that "we have your ledger."

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