Here’s how Allen Weisselberg could flip on Trump over tax fraud in Trump Organization
(AFP / Brendan Smialowski)

On CNN Thursday in conversation with Chris Cuomo, former FBI Special Agent Asha Rangappa broke down the significance of New York prosecutors' investigation of "fringe benefits" for Trump Administration employees — and how it could be used to flip Allen Weisselberg, the longtime Trump CFO who has remained steadfastly loyal to the family.

"The key here is you have potential tax implications," said Rangappa. "What I would say, Chris, is that when you have state tax liability, there is also a likelihood that you may have federal tax liability. Once you get the IRS involved, then that also potentially increases the pressure. Why this is important, because this can create leverage on Weisselberg, and Weisselberg knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak."

"So, you know, as you said, he has been intimately involved with Trump's finances," continued Rangappa. "And the reason that this is really problematic for Trump is that, unlike things like obstruction of justice with the Mueller investigation, for which he has, say, constitutional defenses, Article II defenses, or the incitement issue which, you know, he has First Amendment defenses, and these are all federal, these are potential state charges and these predate the presidency and they have a paper trail. So I think that this is where Trump potentially has the most criminal liability, and the person who can spill all of the beans is Allen Weisselberg.

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Asha Rangappa says Trump Org gift investigation could flip Alan Weisselberg