CNN doctor slaps down GOP's Allen West for 'anti-science' rant about vaccines

Former Texas GOP chairman Allen West over the weekend doubled down on being against vaccinations after he was hospitalized with COVID-19.

Among other things, West said that pushing for vaccines was simply a scheme to enrich major pharmaceutical companies, despite the fact that his preferred solution of pushing treatment with monoclonal antibodies would do even more to enrich Big Pharma.

Appearing on CNN, Dr. Peter Hotez smacked down West's latest anti-vax rant.

"We just published a study in collaboration with a group at Yale, looking at the state of Texas and Florida," he said. "If Texas and Florida had reached vaccination levels similar to what's in the northeast, 74 percent by the end of July, we could have saved 22,000 lives. So 22,000 lives were needlessly lost because we didn't achieve high vaccination coverage, in part because of phony rhetoric like this."

Hotez went on to say that misinformation pushed by people like West was literally killing thousands of Americans.

"I don't even call it misinformation or disinformation anymore," he said. "I call it anti-science aggression because it's a killer. Anti-science is now a leading cause of death in the United States."

Watch the video below.

Doctor slaps down GOP's Allen West for 'anti-science' rant about vaccines