Trump slammed as activists pray for Alvin Bragg following 'death and destruction' threat
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023. - Barry Williams/New York Daily News/TNS

The Rev. Al Sharpton led a group in prayer for the safety of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Saturday in response to a social media post in which Donald Trump is seen aiming a baseball bat at the prosecutor, the New York Daily News reported.

Sharpton praised Bragg as an independent prosecutor and noted Bragg had previously declined to impanel a grand jury to look into Trump, the newspaper reported. Sharpton then lashed out at Trump for endangering him and his family. Here’s part of the Daily News’ reporting:

“For Trump not to denounce violence but in fact poses with a bat toward the guy investigating him, and then puts in writing that there would be death and destruction, those of us in this community cannot stand by and let that go any further,” said Sharpton.

“We’re going past interference now to direct threats. We should not be surprised that somebody sent an envelope with white powder ... threatening the life of the DA,” said Sharpton, referring to an envelope that had been mailed to the DA’s office at 80 Centre St. on Friday.

“The envelope had a return address for “Donald Trump,” law enforcement sources told the Daily News. The letter included a note that said ALVIN: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU,” followed by 13 exclamation points, sources said. The unknown substance was determined to be a bogus threat.”

Sharpton led a group in prayer for Bragg Saturday at his Harlem office, the report said.

“Those of us that are in this community cannot stand by and allow this to go any further,” said Sharpton. “If there is one prosecutor that I do not believe has a political agenda, it is Alvin Bragg. Have we no rules anymore?”

Trump has predicted that Bragg will indict him in connection with his 2016 hush payments to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, using the occasion to rally his supporters. Trump’s public warning of “death and destruction” should he be indicted has been widely regarded as an attempt to provoke violence.

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