Americans aren’t buying the GOP’s 'weaponization committee': survey
Kevin McCarthy (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

One of the key targets of the Republican Congress is in going after President Joe Biden's Department of Justice and FBI for conspiracy theories spread on conservative outlets.

According to the recent Washington Post-ABC News survey, however, most Americans understand that the efforts by the GOP are absurd.

A whopping 56 percent of Americans see the GOP's "weaponization committee" as "just an attempt to score political points." Just 36 percent support it.

"What’s more, just 28 percent believe that government agencies are indeed biased against conservatives," cited Aaron Blake. "That’s more than the share that believes they’re biased against liberals (11 percent), but nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t believe conservatives are being singled out."

Even the Fox News poll showed that only 43 percent of people they surveyed supported the committee.

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One of the GOP's claims is that the DOJ went after parents objecting to Critical Race Theory at school board meetings. In fact, what the DOJ did was say that they would investigate anyone who made violent threats against school board leaders and teachers. They even published the intentions in a press release.

“Biden used the FBI to target parents as ‘domestic terrorists.’ Can you imagine that? To use your own FBI to go after parents, calling them domestic terrorists. Without any evidence. Simply aiming to silence their First Amendment rights. A whistleblower just confirmed it," Speaker Kevin McCarthy falsely said in Nov. He has never been able to produce the so-called "whistleblower."

"[I]f your White House and our Justice Department that we pay for — if they're encouraging a left-wing political group to write them a letter as a pretext to go after parents, to go after moms and dads who simply are trying to do what's best for their kids' education — if you encourage that, if you put that in the letter, that is scary stuff," said committee chair, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to Fox in Oct.

The other aims are investigations into the DOJ for their search on Donald Trump's country club in Palm Beach, Florida. In that case, the Republicans have demanded all of the details about the DOJ's ongoing investigation, which they have denied. The third piece of the GOP weaponization committee is to probe the ongoing investigations into the Jan. 6 attacks, which includes some of the people on the weaponization committee. In that instance, the DOJ has also refused.

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