‘An emotional rollercoaster’: DEI official baffled after Black students busted for spreading anti-Black hate

Two Black teenagers have been suspended from a Sacramento school after they allegedly circulated a fake dollar bill with racist imagery towards Black people throughout the campus, The Sacramento Bee reported.

“Sac City Unified strongly condemns the use of racist language or material and has taken swift disciplinary action against the two students involved,” a statement from the Sacramento City Unified School District read.

The fake money showed a racist caricature of a Black man on the front, along with a website domain that contained more racist content. The fake money stated it could be redeemed for fried chicken or liquor.

In a since-deleted post on Kit Carson International Academy's Facebook page, Kit Carson principal LuTisha Stockdale wrote, “I’m sooooo pissed!!!!!"

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"To answer your question 2 Black students made these and were passing it around," she wrote.

“One student printed it, who gave it to another student, who gave it to somebody else,” district spokesman Brian Heap said. “We don’t know how widespread the dissemination was on campus. We do know that more than one of these were handed out because the principal actually saw some on the ground.”

"It really speaks to our need as a district to do more in terms of fully educating kids about the history behind this word and just try to clear up some of the (misconceptions) they must have that lead them to use it so cavalierly,” Heap added.

District diversity, equity and inclusion monitor Mark Harris said he's been on an "emotional roller coaster" over the stunt. This is the third time we’ve had perpetrators of a racially motivated incident identified as African-Americans,” Harris said.

“It’s pretty bad when our kids, for whatever reason, think that it would be popular for them to have a negative depiction of our own.”