MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell cuts off reporter for using the term 'pro-life'
Andrea Mitchell discusses President Donald Trump's speech at NATO headquarters (Screen cap).

NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell recently let her feelings known about the conservative movement's self-proclaimed tie to 'life' in the ongoing abortion debate.

During a segment with NBC Political Correspondent Garrett Haake, who was detailing the voting deliberations of Representative Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina) on Republican-led abortion legislation, the reporter described Mace's final decision to vote for the restrictive abortion legislation because she was "pro-life."

Mitchell quickly interrupted the interview with Haake to let her true feelings be known.

"Pro-life is a term that an entire group made up," said Mitchell. "It is not even an accurate description of their position."

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Haake acknowledged Mace's positioning.

"I used [that term] because that is the term she used," said Haake.

Mace had previously given a transparent interview with Mitchell where she urged her Republican party to take a more comprehensive look at the abortion position and said introducing even more restrictive abortion legislation was a bad way to start the legislative year.

The Republican-led abortion legislation bans abortion even in cases of incest, rape and other sexual violence.