Andrew Brown's family reveals shocking new details about body camera footage
Andrew Brown, Jr. (FACEBOOK)

On CNN Tuesday, calling in from Elizabeth City, North Carolina, reporter Brian Todd revealed that the family of Andrew Brown, Jr. gained new details from watching just under 20 minutes of unreleased body camera footage of Brown's death, that completely contradicts the version of events told by the sheriff's office and district attorney.

"Tonight, the family of Andrew Brown, Jr. describes what the body camera footage shows during the final moments of Brown's life," said Todd, playing a clip of Brown's son Jha'rod Ferebee saying, "My father did not deserve to die. He did not deserve to get killed. In any way, shape, or form, he did not pose any threat at all. There's no way this could be justified."

"When the first shot fired, he was sitting in his car and then he began to back up," said Brown family attorney Chance Lynch. "At no time did he see him go towards a sheriff's deputy at any time. The first shot was fired. After it was fired, he began to back up because he wanted to get out of there ... at no point did we ever see Mr. Brown make contact with law enforcement."

Todd contrasted this with a clip from Pasquotank County DA Andrew Womble, who claimed, "As it backs up, it does make contact with law enforcement officers. The next movement of the car is forward. It is in the direction of law enforcement and makes contact with law enforcement. It is then and only then that you hear shots."

"CNN has obtained other critical images of that violent morning in Elizabeth City," said Todd. "This street camera footage shows police in the back of a pickup truck wearing tactical gear. The footage shows the truck stopping at Brown's house. Deputies are heard screaming commands. But it does not show the shooting. This footage captured by a neighbor seconds after Brown was shot, showed deputies surrounding Brown's car after it crashed. Two neighbors told CNN deputies pulled Brown out of his car and attempted life-saving measures."

"Tonight, the attorneys for the Brown family are repeating their call for the district attorney, Andrew Womble, to recuse himself from the case, says that Womble works way too closely with the sheriff's department and its deputies," said Todd. "Andrew Womble steadfastly refuses to recuse himself."

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New body camera details emerge on Andrew Brown police killing