Andrew McCabe claims vindication after years of being subjected to Trump's 'humiliation'
Former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Thursday, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe claimed vindication over the Justice Department's decision to restore his pension and back pay — three years after officials under former President Donald Trump stripped them from him.

"First of all, what does this mean for your and your family?" asked anchor Anderson Cooper.

"Oh my gosh," said McCabe. "Anderson, I can't tell you what this has been like going through, what this whole campaign has put my wife through, my children, my parents. So to have a settlement of this lawsuit, and one that so clearly indicates this should never have happened, it is both an incredible relief, it's satisfying, but it's also, you know, it's also kind of sad. I mean, like, this should never have happened. My family should have never had to go through this."

"I never realized — I think it was on a Friday night, you had had a meal with your family, essentially retirement celebration with your family, because you were retiring the next day," said Cooper. "And they, they fired you right before that consciously. You know, vindictively. What was it like to have the former president, who doesn't know you — he has no idea, anything about you — just pick you out of, you know, obscurity, essentially, in terms of his knowledge of you, and just focus on you? And attack you?"

"It was so bizarre, Anderson," said McCabe. "You know, on December 23rd of 2017, he tweeted out to the world that he was racing me to my retirement. I mean, to know that you essentially have a target on your back from the most powerful person in the world. The person you work for as a member of the executive branch. It was like upside-down world. Like, you can't even, I can't even describe how terrifying and annoying and humiliating that is. But you know, that's, that's what he subjected people through for four years."

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Andrew McCabe on the restoration of his pension and back pay