Andy Biggs agrees with right-wing host: Biden uses 'soy products' to 'feminize' and weaken military
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Conservative television host Anna Perez suggested to Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) that Democrats are using soy products to "feminize" and "weaken" the United States military. The congressman appeared to agree.

During a Saturday interview on Real America's Voice, Biggs argued that President Joe Biden's administration has "hatred to America, its people and its military."

"I want to follow up with that," Perez said. "It does seem like, even you look at some of the things that they're doing with the woke stuff. Of course, there's that. And also, the food. We know there's a lot of soy products and vegan food, which I'm sure they're pushing on them."

"I wonder if there's a feminization aspect of our military," she continued, "that they're trying to push so they are weaker."

Perez added: "It's like they want to weaken them. They want to feminize our military if you think about it from a food perspective."

Biggs agreed.

"Yeah, you're right, Anna," he replied. "It is a weakening and it changes the culture."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.