Attorney for Capitol rioter tells CNN client is reformed because she has a 'library card'
CNN/screen grab

An attorney for Anna Morgan-Lloyd, who allegedly participated in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, said that her client is reformed because she now has a library card and has watched "Schindler's List."

Attorney Heather Shaner defended her client during a Wednesday appearance on CNN, where host John Berman wondered how watching "Schindler's List" had absolved Morgan-Lloyd of her alleged crimes.

"What does that matter here?" Berman said.

"What matters is from agreeing and being interested in getting a library card, reading books, taking civics courses online, Anna acknowledged both to herself and to the court that there was a lot to learn about her individual responsibility," Shaner explained, "and the relationship between a citizen's rights and a citizen's responsibility."

"Was she suggesting that because she didn't know enough about the Holocaust, that's why she stormed the Capitol?" Berman pressed.

"No, of course not," Shaner replied. "I presented Anna and a number of my clients with a book list and they could choose to read."

The attorney went on to claim that Morgan-Lloyd admits to being "uninformed and misinformed and that her presence at the Capitol possibly empowered others who had more intentional ideas about what they were doing to behave violently and that was never her intention."

Watch the video below from CNN.