MAGA-rioting granny now says she's 'horrified' by violence at Capitol as she pleads for leniency

A grandmother who broke into the United States Capitol building on January 6th now says she's "horrified" by the violence that took place there as she pleads for a lenient sentence.

Via NBC 4 Washington investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane, an attorney representing 49-year-old Florida resident Anna Morgan-Lloyd says that she now regrets her decision to go into the Capitol building during the riot in a letter sent to a judge.

Additionally, Morgan-Lloyd also did something former President Donald Trump has not done and admitted that President Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election.

"Though she supported the past president in January, she totally accepts President Biden as the leader of our country," the attorney wrote. "She respects the rule of law and was horrified when she saw videos of insurgents at the Capitol on January 6."

This is a stark contrast to some of the messages she wrote in the immediate aftermath of the Capitol riots, where she boasted on Facebook that it was "the most exciting day of my life" and said that she was "so glad we were there."

MacFarlane reports that she is now asking for a sentence of 40 hours community service and $500 restitution.