Fauci was 'hosed down' naked in a 'kiddie pool' last summer after someone sent him mysterious white powder in the mail: new book
Screenshot via YouTube

A book preview published by POLITICO reveals an except detailing an incident with Dr. Anthony Fauci last summer where he was sent mail that contained a white powder that "literally blew up in his face."

The new book, "Nightmare Scenario" by Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta, says that Fauci thought the powder was one of three things: a prank "to scare him;" anthrax, which would make him "seriously ill but which he could probably survive;" or ricin, which would make him a "dead duck."

After Fauci was exposed to the powder, he was hosed "down to his skivvies in a chemical lab," standing "naked in what looked like a kiddy pool" while they waited for the test results, which showed the powder to be harmless.

Read the book preview over at POLITICO.