'Why are they doing this to us?' Victim of anti-Asian hate crime recounts shocking attack in San Francisco

A victim in a rash of hate crimes targeting Asian Americans in San Francisco is sharing her story to ABC 7, just days after six men were arrested in connection to hate crime robberies in the area.

An-Hang, 66, says then when she and her husband took a trip to Costco one day back in September, a man appeared out of nowhere.

"He kicked my right leg to push me down. That's why I break my teeth and bleeding on my arm," said An-Hang, who was knocked to the ground face-down and robbed.

"I fall down and he dragged me on the ground. That's why my face rubbed on the street and I broke three teeth. Because it's so painful, I had to get up and he took away my purse and ran to a car waiting for him near there," said An-Hang.

One of suspects arrested, Anthony Robinson, told police that the group targeted Asians based on the stereotypical belief that they do not believe in having bank accounts.

"He admitted he was deliberately targeting Asian Americans on the mistaken belief they did not believe in bank accounts," said Deputy District Attorney of Santa Clara County, Marisa McKeown.

"I know we are Asian but it doesn't mean we do anything wrong - so why do they hate us and try to steal stuff from us? That makes me very upset," said An-Hang. "I think he should stay in the jail for a long time and think it over. Why he's doing this to us? He's only 24 years old, he's still young, he can find a job outside and do legal stuff. Why he's doing this to us? I'm very, very upset about this."

Watch ABC 7's report on the story below: