WATCH: Racist woman demands Asian woman 'bow' to her or 'go back where you came from'

A racist woman was caught on camera this week harassing an Asian-American woman at a gas station and demanding that she "bow" to her.

In a video posted Wednesday on TikTok, a white woman can be heard yelling racial abuse at an Asian-American woman as she tries to fill up her car at a gas station.

"You will bow to me or you will go back to where you f*cking came from!" the woman demanded.

The Asian-American woman tried to ignore the woman's rants, but she didn't stop.

"Oh, you refuse?" she said. "Go back to where you came from!"

The woman also claimed that she "owned" the gas station where the Asian-American woman was filling up her car, and then said that she should "go back to Eurasia," which is not a country.

Watch the video below.

@jpark089 This happened to my best friend..##stopasianhate ##hatecrime ##racist ##racistkaren ##fyp ##share ##korenparent
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