Trump target Alexander Vindman blasts Republicans for refusing to support national security
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was one of the many witnesses in the first impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump after he bribed Ukrainian leaders to help him go after Joe Biden and his son. He drew fire from then-president Trump by coming forward and revealing what he overheard and experienced behind the scenes of the Trump foreign policy team.

He essentially lost his career after he was brave enough to come forward. It makes his attack on members of Congress all the more valid. On Twitter, he attacked Republicans for obstructing the public investigation into the Jan. 6 attacks from an independent commission.

The Senate filibuster rules dictate that every vote have a super-majority to pass any legislation where the Founding Fathers dictated a "simple majority" for the Senate to pass legislation. When given an opportunity to vote, only 54 senators were willing to support a full senate vote on the legislation. While it was a bipartisan vote, it wasn't enough while many had already returned home to their districts for the long weekend.

Vindman said that all of the members who voted against the commission should be branded for failing to hold Trump accountable after they refused to do so during the impeachment. He went on to call the GOP "extremist" for refusing to support an investigation into something so critical to national security.