Anti-government activist Ammon Bundy mocked for seeking to run Idaho government -- despite being banned from Capitol grounds
Robert "LaVoy" Finicum and Ammon Bundy (Fox News/screen grab)

Anti-government activist Ammon Bundy is now begging for a government job that would hand him the keys to the government he hates. According to filed papers Bundy intends run for governor in Idaho. The problem, however, is that Bundy isn't even registered to vote in Idaho and he's not legally allowed to go on Capitol grounds. It could make it difficult to take over the state.

Speaking to NBC News on Monday, Bundy said that it isn't official but he's building out a team.

"The people of Idaho are very freedom-minded," Bundy said. "I had never desired (to run for office), but I knew as early as 2017 that I would run for governor of Idaho."

It's unclear why he isn't registered to vote in the state after knowing for four years that he'd run.

Republican Gov. Brad Little (ID) has faced unsuccessful attempts to recall him by activists like Bundy.

Bundy is the son of Cliven Bundy, who refused to pay grazing fees to graze his cattle on federal lands in Nevada. The Bundys refused to pay their bills for 21 years and when the government came to collect the family it turned into an armed standoff. Bundy continues to use the federal land and refuses to pay for it.

The announcement sent many to mock Bundy with hilarity: