WATCH: Anti-masker douses mask with water and smears it on surface during angry rant about germs

The Wake County school system met on Tuesday to vote to extend the district's mask mandate, which must now be reauthorized once a month under a new New Carolina law.

"Wake has seen a surge in new COVID cases from the delta variant since traditional-calendar schools reopened two weeks ago," The News & Observer reported Tuesday.

The newspaper reported that some parents were angered by the public health measures the school district was considering.

In a video posted to social media and said to be from the meeting, a woman complained that masks used to contain the pandemic were spreading germs.

"This is not sterile," she said, holding up a black mask.

She then sat the mask on the lectern and poured water onto it from a plastic bottle.

She said the mask was "collecting germs all day long" as she repeatedly rubbed the wet mask across the lectern.

Board chair Keith Sutton cleaned the podium following the woman's testimony, News & Observer education correspondent Keung Hui reported.