WATCH: Violent anti-maskers tried to get cookie shop owner arrested – but they ended up in jail instead

Last week, the owner of a cookie store in Eugene, Oregon, was assaulted by an anti-mask couple who entered her store carrying a camera phone with the intention of capturing their protest on video.

As the situation escalated, one of the anti-maskers pushed the store owner, prompting her to retrieve a bat. The protester then lunged at the store owner and a fight ensued.

"You don't get to f------ assault people and run a business," the female protester, who was now holding the bat, shouted. They both then leave the shop.

The anti-maskers, identified by The News&Observer as Ricki Collin, 34, and Amy Hall, 45, called the police, hoping to have the store owner arrested, but when police showed up, it was Collin and Hall who were taken into custody.

Watch the video below:

Anti-maskers assault a small business owner in Eugene, Oregon...then get arrested.