'We've been through slavery': Black school girl corrects anti-vaxxers who say masks are 'slavery'
Twitter/screen grab

California activists who oppose masks and vaccines argued with a Black health care professional about whether COVID-19 safety measures are a form of slavery.

The confrontation occurred during a protest against masks at John Adams Middle School and Will Rogers Elementary School in Santa Monica on Monday. Video of the incident was shared by Samuel Braslow of The Beverly Hills Courier.

In one video, activists are seen arguing with Dr. Blaine Pope and his daughter, who are both Black.

"What's the real issue?" Pope asks.

"Freedom, brother," the protester replies.

"This is a form of slavery, man," another protester chimes in.

"We have been through slavery," Pope's daughter points out. "You have not."

Later in the conversation, the protesters suggests that COVID-19 is a worldwide conspiracy.

"The truth is this is all about control," the protester says.

"They want to enslave humanity," the second protester agrees.

"For what purpose?" Pope asks.

"They want to depopulate the world," the protester insists. "They think there's too many people on the planet."

"Who's the they?" Pope presses.

The protester names Bill Gates as the culprit.

Watch some of the video clips below.