Woman arrested in Texas for anti-mask marauding just keeps on doing it

A woman specializing in defying business' mask mandates has gotten herself arrested for the second time in six days by police in Texas.

Terry Wright, a 65-year-old Oregon woman was arrested at an Office Depot in Texas City, TX after police were called because she refused to comply with the store's mask-wearing requirement. It came just six days after she achieved her moment of YouTube glory by making a scene and resisting arrest 14 miles away in Galveston.

"Police arrested Wright on Wednesday after she entered the Office Depot in Texas City and said she would not cover her nose and mouth to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, police spokesman Cpl. Allen Bjerke said, according to the Associated Press.

Strangely, and for reasons not stated, Wright won't have any consequences for her latest stand over what she presumes is her God-given right to spread deadly disease.

"Wright, of Grants Pass, Oregon, was taken into custody without incident, Bjerke added, noting that she was not charged for trespassing at the office supply store and that no additional charges were expected," the AP report added.

Unlike when Wright was galivanting in Galveston, there's apparently no video of her Office Depot resistance. At the previous incident, Wright' adventure went like this, as reported by local TV station KHOU-11 in Houston:

"Last week, A Galveston officer's bodycam recorded his confrontation with Wright inside the Bank of America on Central City Boulevard.

Wright: "The law says I don't have to wear a mask."

The officer tried to explain that Governor Greg mandate doesn't apply to private – or federal -- businesses.

He repeatedly asked her to go outside but she continued to argue as customers looked on.

Wright: "What are you gonna do, arrest me? … That's hilarious."

The officer again ordered her to leave.

Wright: "Are you serious?"

Officer: "Do I look like I'm kidding?"

Wright: "You've got issues … Come on dude!"

When he tried to handcuff Wright, she pulled away.

Wright: "This old lady is getting handcuffed here! … I hope someone is filming this."

Officer: "I am filming this."

Wright continued to ignore orders to put her hands behind her back. When she tried to walk away, the officer forced her to the ground and handcuffed her.

Wright: "Police brutality right here, people."

Wright was taken to an area hospital after complaining her foot was injured.

She was treated for minor injuries at UTMB and released and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Wright was quite proud of herself after that moment of glory, as she conveyed to another local TV station:

"My civil right is not to wear a diaper on my face, and that's how I feel about it," she insisted.'"

As the AP reported, "Gov. Greg Abbott last week lifted statewide orders requiring people to wear face masks in public in Texas, declaring businesses should decide for themselves which COVID-19 precautions to take on their properties. Many businesses have kept their own mask rules in place."

And Wright, it appears, will just keep breaking them.