WATCH: Woman says she has to dress 'like a Muslim' to avoid wearing a mask in bizarre city council rant
(Screenshot via TMZ)

A woman showed up to a city council meeting in Lewiston, Idaho, dressed in Garb that she described as Muslim attire just to avoid wearing a mask, TMZ reports.

The woman, self-identified as Katie Dugger, was among a group of local citizens who spoke up at the meeting to complain about mask mandates and lockdowns.

Dugger stepped to the podium and said it's "very traumatizing for me to put on a mask because of something that happened to me when I was a kid -- I cannot wear one."

"You know why I'm wearing this?" she said while gesturing towards her clothing. "I'm wearing this because the only way I can go to school today was because I had to act like I had on a friggin' burka."

Watch the video below: