Anti-mask Wisconsin Republican put on a ventilator as last-ditch effort fighting COVID

Another Republican lawmaker who opposes masks and vaccine mandates has been put on a ventilator while he's fighting COVID.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Sen. Andre Jacque of De Pere, Wisconsin, was being intubated as he struggles with the virus. Being intubated is often seen as the last-ditch effort to save someone as their oxygen levels crash.

The 40-year-old Jacque was diagnosed with the virus earlier this month and has been hospitalized for at least a week. He claimed in an interview with the paper last week that he was "largely asymptomatic" and really only felt fatigued.

"In recent months, Jacque has been one of most outspoken lawmakers against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and has authored legislation that would bar government officials or business owners from requiring Wisconsinites be vaccinated against COVID-19 or show proof of vaccination to access services," said the report.

He also opposed mandating mask usage across the state, joining legislation seeking to stop it.

His brother lashed out at another GOP lawmaker asking for prayers for Jacques.

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