Anti-masker throws a racist tantrum after cashier refuses to ring him up – and it’s all caught on video
(Screenshot via TikTok)

A video going viral on TikTok shows an anti-masker verbally abusing a cashier during a confrontation over mask wearing.

TikToker @izakthejoker explained that the incident began when a couple "came into the store refusing to wear masks and being racist to everyone who asked them to wear a mask. So what did I do? Refused to ring them up."

In the video, the man verbally abuses the cashier, saying, "You're not gonna force me to wear a mask if I've got health issues," the man says. "It's called the Americans with Disability Act, you stupid f*ck."

At one point, the man calls the cashier a "stupid w*tback" after the woman he was with said, "He's f*cking Mexican. What do you expect?"

According to the cashier, the couple called his Black co-worker a "Black b*tch."

Watch the video below:

@izakthejoker TikTok took it down so I purposely misspelled a couple words. If this gets taken down again ima post the full thing on my ig w/pt.2 ##custmerservice
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