'White power' anti-masker found not guilty in Home Depot fiasco: report

An Illinois woman was found not guilty after an incident at a Home Depot that went viral.

"A McHenry woman charged with battery after she became violent and made racist statements when a fellow shopper asked her to put on a face mask has been found not guilty. Teri Hill was accused of threatening to cough and spit on another customer at a McHenry Home Depot last year," ABC 7 Chicago reported Thursday.

Alleged victim Sydney Waters said Hill took off her mask to complain about other people not wearing masks. Hill reportedly was angered when Waters asked her to put her mask back on.

"She didn't appreciate being told that, and ripped her mask off, and started going for the gold, that she was going to spit in my face, she was going to cough on me," Waters said.

Hill said, "I believe in white power."