Woman screams obscenities and ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ as she's kicked off airplane -- then gets arrested

The code Republicans are using to profanely insult President Joe Biden became a rallying cry for an anti-masker arrested at the Las Vegas airport.

Katrina Alspaugh allegedly shouted "Let's Go Brandon" while being arrested for violating airport rules, KLAS-TV reports.

The Associated Press describes the "Let's Go Brandon" phrase as "conservative code for something far more vulgar: 'F*ck Joe Biden.'"

Officers were summoned to Terminal 1 McCarran International Airport after a woman refused to wear a mask on an Allegiant Air flight.

"The woman, later identified as Alspaugh, had been involved in a prior incident at the security checkpoint, police said. During that incident, Alspaugh reportedly attempted to punch another passenger that pointed out Alspaugh was not wearing her mask, police said. The other passenger refused to press charges and Alspaugh proceeded to board her flight," the network reported.

After allegedly refusing to wear a mask on the plane, Alspaugh was removed from her flight and issued a trespass notice.

"According to police, as Alspaugh was being taken off the jet bridge in a wheelchair, she yelled obscenities and 'Let's go Brandon.' Police said this only added to the disturbance and they arrested her," KLAS-TV reported.

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