Anti-masker lashes out at ‘demonic’ clergy after being booted from Dallas church
Deirdre Hairston. (Screenshot)

According to CBS DFW, a congregant at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas was ejected from Mass, and escorted out by police, because of her refusal to wear a mask.

"Appearing on Dr. Taylor Marshall's podcast, [Deirdre Hairston], who's pregnant, described how she was escorted out by officers after Holy Communion with the eucharist 'still on her tongue,' and told the church didn't want her there," said the report. "In the video shown on the podcast, one of the three officers tells Hairston that she will 'place her in handcuffs,' if she doesn't leave."

"Hairston said her parish-priest, Father Ryan called police," said the report. "Once outside, Hairston said the usher ran to her car and took photos of her license plate as police were taking her information. She also said she was issued a ticket for trespassing."

On Church Militant, Hairston was quoted furiously accusing the Church of denying her rights.

"It's almost like they become demonic or possessed with fury and angry [sic]. It's bizarre. It's honestly just bizarre behavior," she said. "It's extremely aggressive. I mean, you're going to arrest a 28-year-old nursing mom who's already socially distanced? I mean it proves that it's not really about the health. It's just about control."

Not all churches have been as observant of COVID-19 guidelines. The ability to access religious ceremonies without COVID-19 restrictions has been a flash point of debate for months, with a number of recent federal court cases debating the restrictions as GOP-appointed judges have dominated the bench.

Watch the incident and Hairston's response here:

Pregnant Mother Threatened to be Arrested during Mass: interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall