WATCH: Anti-masker puts underwear over her face after getting called out by grocery workers

A woman who didn't want to wear a face mask at her local grocery store decided to appease employees by taking off her underwear and putting it over her face.

South African news website Cape Town Etc. reports that the woman told security guards at the grocery store that she did not have a face mask when they asked her to wear one while shopping.

The guards insisted that she would have to wear a mask or they'd have to escort her out.

At this point, she reached down into her dress, pulled off her underwear, and placed it over her face.

"Are you happy now?" she asked the guards.

At least one bystander who watched the incident unfold appeared disgusted by her actions.

"The bacteria on a mask is less than her knickers!" she commented. "Hey, well done! Brilliance, woman!"

Watch the video, which was posted on Facebook on February 23rd by a Tshwane resident named Sabrina Chiloane, below.