WATCH: QAnon fan accuses Florida school board of using masks to commit child trafficking
Florida man accuses school board of using face masks for child trafficking (Twitter).

At a recent school board hearing in Fort Myers, Florida, things went off the rails when a man walked up to the mic during a debate on COVID-19 face mask requirements and accused the board of using the masks to facilitate child sex trafficking — an apparent reference to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

"How are you doing, my name is Brian Biggs," said the man. "I want to talk about the real pandemic. Child sex trafficking. By putting masks on these kids' face, you can't identify any of them. So by the nine of you already voting on this, tells me you guys support sex trafficking."

"Sir, you're out of order," said one of the board members.

"Good!" he exclaimed as he walked away.

The QAnon conspiracy theory holds that there is a secret cabal of demon-worshipping cannibal sex traffickers that control the United States. The movement borrows from older anti-Semitic tropes, and has inspired extremist militias and acts of violence. The FBI has identified the movement as a potential source of domestic terrorism.

Watch below: