Angry woman accuses school board of waging 'psychological warfare' -- and calls masks 'worse than the virus'

An angry mother in Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday accused her local school board of waging "psychological warfare" against students by implementing a mask mandate.

The woman started off by screaming loudly that the school board was "failing miserably" at its job.

"The bullying and intimidation that is trickling down from this board is a disgrace!" she fumed. "I withdrew both of my children from this institution because they've been bullied and intimidated for not wearing a mask!"

She then said that the mask mandates were a form of "psychological and emotional warfare" against her children that she predicted would have "worse and longer-lasting effects than this virus."

In fact, the novel coronavirus has so far killed nearly 700,000 Americans, and it was the third-leading cause of death in the United States last year after heart disease and cancer.

Watch the video below.