'Death to the Jew': Pennsylvania school board members bombarded with anti-Semitic threats over mask rules

On Friday, LevittownNow.com reported that the Pennsbury School Board will be contacting the FBI about violent threats made against members.

"In a district news release sent out soon after officials had canceled a Thursday afternoon news conference during which [school board president Christine] Toy-Dragoni and fellow board members Debra Wachspress and T.R. Kannan were going to talk about the threats, Toy-Dragoni said she has received threats over her school district e-mail, private messages through social media and on her personal cell phone," reported Chris English. "The messages threaten: 'every woman in my family with rape, every man in my family with significant injury, publication of my personal information on the internet, loss of my privacy, my murder,' Toy-Dragoni said."

According to the report, "Pennsbury released redacted versions of some of the threatening messages to board members, which include threats reading 'Death to the Jew,' 'You better grow eyes in the back of your head,' and 'You're lucky those parents don't kill you and your entire family.'"

This comes after a number of threatening anti-mask demonstrations have shut down state and local government gatherings, including a meeting of the New Hampshire Executive Council at Saint Anselm College, and a school district office near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

The Justice Department has moved to fast-track investigations of violent threats against educators. Republicans have decried this, asserting that these investigations could somehow chill the free speech of parents protesting school policies.