Anti-ask Huntington Beach protest (Photos: screen captures)

It isn't enough that anti-mask activists are having screaming meltdowns in school board meetings -- now they're chasing after kids while they're finishing up their first days of school.

Local news station Fox 11 reports that Huntington Beach anti-maskers this week brought megaphones to scream at students as they were coming out of school.

One anti-mask protester even assaulted a student by pulling his mask off -- and the student reportedly punched the protester in response.

"You don't take it to the students, first of all, because we're all just trying to get back. We're just trying to get good grades and get out of here," said student Ian Boudreau.

Angie Nguyen called it a "joke" and said that what anti-maskers are standing for is "really stupid." She noted that "everyone is making fun of them."

Cameron Coyne agreed, calling it "ridiculous" because "we're just high schoolers... we just don't really have the energy to deal with these people."

The anti-mask protesters were antagonizing the students while filming them, and seemed to be trying to provoke a response. After calling them zombies or communists, students started mocking them by saying, "I love communism." That video was then uploaded by The Last Revolution Media, which had a 2017 GoFundMe page set up by Luke Dennis who calls himself "Based Skywalker."

"We our a hands (sic) on a comies (sic) neck type of group," the GoFundMe page says.

Parents were incensed that anti-mask adults were harassing children on campus.

See the videos of the incident below: