Anti-maskers whine local Trader Joe's is a 'Nazi store' after employees thwart their protest
Anti-mask demonstrators. (

Anti-mask demonstrators in Santa Cruz, California have declared their local Trader Joe's a "Nazi store" for requiring them to wear face masks during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Mercury News reports that anti-maskers gathered outside the Trader Joe's and demanded to be let in despite refusing to wear masks.

However, Mercury News writes that the anti-maskers were "quickly thwarted" in their efforts to enter the store by "a line of Trader Joe's employees" that had "formed at the front of the store to impede the protesters from entering the market."

The demonstration at the Trader Joe's was part of a "National Maskless Day" that many COVID truthers had been promoting in which they urged supporters to walk "into a Nazi store without a mask and share the pictures and videos."

At the demonstration, according to Mercury News, at least one protester carried a sign that featured a Nazi swastika crossed out, implying that they believe mask mandates are on par with the Holocaust.