A Muslim family tried to befriend their neighbor – he ended up smearing bacon on their house and screaming at their security cameras

A Las Vegas man has been arrested on charges of harassment, stalking and being a nuisance after allegedly smearing bacon on the house of a neighboring Muslim family and screaming at their security cameras.

Local news outlets KLAS and KTNV reported this week that Ricky Uwich is accused of harassing the family, including their two young children, in an apparent hate crime.

The Muslim family said that they attempted to befriend Uwich several months ago, and even cooked him meals. However, he "was not happy with the efforts." Uwich reportedly told police that the family was "constantly" bothering him.

The family showed police surveillance camera footage of Uwich smearing their door, doorknob, handrails and wall with raw bacon on June 19. A few days later, Uwich allegedly placed a piece of bacon on the family's car.

"A victim told police they felt in fear of their safety due to Uwich's behavior, which included yelling at their security cameras," KLAS reported.

Uwich told police that he did not like the family because they are Muslim and accused them of being terrorists.

The family also showed police "multiple text messages from Uwich where he accused them of breaking a chandelier in his home despite the fact they had never been inside and of molesting a juvenile who lives with Uwich."

The FBI warned at the end of 2020 that hate crimes in the United States have reached their highest levels in over a decade.

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