CNN blows the whistle on Trump-promoted anti-vax doctor who's accused of 'selling people junk'
Dr. Simone Gold (CNN).

On CNN Wednesday, reporter Nick Watt did a deep dive on a conspiracy theory-spreading California doctor who was once promoted by former President Donald Trump and who has been pushing unproven cures for COVID-19 while urging people to reject public health consensus.

"She wears a white coat but not a face mask," said Watt. "Struts to a Ted Nugent tune in a promo video. Tours the country making false claims about the coronavirus."

"Asymptomatic spread is not a thing," she said in one clip. "All the vaccine candidates have problems. The spike proteins themselves are what we doctors call pathogenic, meaning they are disease-causing," she said in another.

"That is not true, Dr. Paul Offit, member of the FDA vaccine advisory committee, told CNN," said Watt. "But Dr. Simone Gold is a licensed emergency room physician, so people listen to her ... the CDC says the unvaccinated are 11 times more likely to be killed by COVID-19. But Dr. Gold claims she's saving lives, leading a civil rights crusade against vaccine mandates."

"With the tyranny of medical apartheid nipping at our heels, rise up, rise up, rise up!" said Gold in another video.

Watt went on to note that Gold is offering several "alternative" medicines through her website, where "you can now connect to a third party that offers a $90 telemedicine consultation and those unfounded medicines for an additional price."

NYU medical professor Arthur Caplan had sharp words for Gold.

"That's preying on people who are desperate, trying to sell them junk when they're in dire straits," he told CNN.

Despite all this, however, Gold is still a licensed physician in the state of California.

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Nick Watt reports on Simone Gold