'You're crazy': CNN reporter tells off doctor to his face after he says vaccines will result in 'genocide'
Screen cap / CNN

CNN's Drew Griffin on Tuesday conducted an interview with anti-vaccine Dr. Rashid Buttar in which the doctor claimed that COVID-19 vaccines would result in a "genocide" worse than anything Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler did during World War II.

During the interview, Griffin confronted Buttar for his past comparisons between Hitler and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading expert in infectious diseases.

"You think Dr. Fauci is involved in some kind of plot to kill millions of people?" Griffin asked. "I just want to make sure I understand this."

"Again, Drew, I'm a reasonable person," Buttar replied. "I said it could be this, but I can tell you that Dr. Fauci is not an innocent bystander. He is very well aware of what he is doing."

Later in the interview, Buttar claimed that the majority of deaths from the delta variant of the novel coronavirus were caused by "vaccine injury," despite the fact that the vast majority of deaths came from the unvaccinated.

"I don't want to be part of this mass genocide that I see happening," Buttar told him. "And I think that what's going on right now will be remembered as a worst time in history compared to... World War II."

"I just want to be straight with you," said Griffin. "I think you're crazy."

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